Contact Information

2070-1658 Bedford Highway
Bedford, NS, B4A 2X9
Main: 902-832-7686
Fax: 902 - 832-1931

Halifax Speech & Language Services: Fostering the Gift of Communication

Halifax Speech & Language Services is a private clinic dedicated to helping individuals reach their full potential in the development and maintenance of successful communication skills. We provide assessment, consultation and intervention for children of all ages as well as adults who may be experiencing speech and language difficulties. If you or your child is having difficulty speaking, reading or writing, our speech-language pathologists can provide the support at our Bedford speech clinic.

Individualized Treatment Sessions
We have over 30 years of combined clinical experience treating very young children, school-aged children, and adults for a variety of speech language difficulties. Because of this, we understand the importance parents, caregivers, and family members play in the therapy process delivered through our clinic. We offer flexible scheduling to suit individual and family needs and we offer parent coaching and follow-up home practice materials when considered beneficial.